East of Jieyang International Metallic Materials Market, Huangshi North Road, Rongcheng district, Jieyang City, 522031, P. R. China.  
Tel: +86 663 869 3666
Fax:+86 663 869 3222
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About Us

Jieyang Guangtong Logistics Industrial Co., Ltd. (JGT), established in 1992 in Jieyang City of Southern China. With the experience, expertise and sincere service, we win good reputations from the customers in our field.

Since 2002, JGT signaled the start of an exciting new chapter in the enterprise’s drive to be entered the hardware manufacturing markets benefited from there’s a largest production base growing in China here. Through the investments of rationality and technicality, production bases fitted with some of best advanced and sophisticated making machinery and testing equipment JGT offers a new high quality supplier to the hardware markets in China, stepping forward to the world. Obviously, JGT is growing up a new and large Manufacturing-Logistics comprehensive enterprise herein.

JGT “quality first, customer first” philosophy is credited for its innovative approach to product development and commitment to excellence which, in turn, have driven the enterprise’s remarkable growth and success. Also, by the integration of manufacturing and logistics, bypassed the middleman, reduced the costs, and minimized transportation time, saved every penny for our customer is always our principle in business, here to serve the manufacturing and logistics through leadership, technology and excellent in customer service.


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